Flat Bamboo Skewers, 9.5 Inch
9 Inch Grilling, Kabob Skewers

Flat Bamboo Skewers, 9.5 Inch

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9.5 Inch Flat Bamboo Skewers

Flat Bamboo Skewers are smooth, sturdy and reusable! 9.5" Bamboo Flat Skewers for barbeque meat kebabs. Food won't spin on these skewers, which makes it easier to turn and grill kebabs evenly without having to use 2 skewers. Super sturdy flat sticks also give you better grip for turning food when grilling. Also works great for fruit kabobs and skewers.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY, made of bamboo, a sustainable and renewable, fast growing natural resource. Compostable and biodegradable.
  • FOOD SAFE: sticks are not touched by humans and pass independent inspections.
  • HIGH QUALITY - sturdy, smooth bamboo, no splinters
  • Perfectly packaged and shipped quick for home chefs, caterers and party planners.
  • FAST SHIPPING! Ships same day or next day. Friendly, no-hassle customer service.

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