Who Was St. Patrick?

Patron Saint of Ireland

Each year we celebrate St. Patrick's Day by eating, dancing, laughing, dressing up and crafting! It's energizing and fun! St. Patrick is the established patron saint of not just Ireland, but also the City of Boston and the tiny island nation of Montserrat in the Caribbean.

Each year there are parades and parties and lots of green clothes and costumes to adorn. I especially love shamrock shaped sunglasses and green colored food of all kinds, but why do we celebrate March 17th each year? I happen to have a cousin whose birthday is on 3-17 so that's reason enough for me, but, read on and decide for yourself if St. Patrick's life and deeds are worthy of such celebration...

Although St. Patrick was born sometime in the 5th century in Roman Britain, historical data reveals that he was captured by Irish pirates and taken to Ireland to work as a sheperd. After 6 long years he did escape Ireland, but in the lonely months and days on Slemish Mountain he is said to have found faith in God.

Once back in Britain he had a vision that he believed to be from God and he returned to Ireland to tell the Irish of God's love. He is said to have baptized over 120,000 people and established over 300 churches and monasteries there. One of the most famous legends about St. Patrick is that he used the three-leafed shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) to the Irish people.

Although many details about St. Patrick's life are shrouded in legend, he is generally recognized as an important figure in the spread of Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick's Day has evolved into a global celebration of Irish culture, with people of various backgrounds participating in the festivities.

To each his or her own verdict, but it sounds to me like reason enough to do some celebrating, and of course, a fair amount crafting!!

Popsicle stick shamrock craft anyone? Or perhaps a leprechaun trap?


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